Aegis (ee-jis)
noun Definition
1: A shield emblematic of majesty. Also, associated with Greek Mythology
2: Protection
3: Auspices, Sponsorship

The helmet derives its name from a majestic shield because it is designed to protect those that fly. This helmet is based on our Phoenix helmet with the paradigm-shifting Kairos™ retention assembly and new tech included. The Aegis is the best value helmet offered by Paraclete.
It is a type 1 helmet which means it is suitable for both helicopter and fixed-wing use.

Available Sizes: 4XL to 2XS
Color: White or Custom Fee


Aegis Aviation Helmet

The Aegis is flown by many fleet operators. The Aegis family of helmets benefitted from the technological innovations developed for Paraclete’s performance helmet the Aspida™. Constructed using a unique Fiberglass shell composite and extensive 3rd party testing. The Aegis designed with a shock-absorbent shell core and Pilotview ergonomics for unmatched visibility in a budget-friendly package.

The Aegis family of helmets come with a painted gloss white shell and visor cover. Any variations in the paint colors will include a $200 fee.

The shape of the helmet is round oval. If the user’s head is long or intermediate oval they may need to go up in size or go with a thinner Nephos™ Comfort Liner.

Kairos Retention Assembly with Dial Closure System
Fiberglass Composite Shell
Paraclete Lenses
Fidlock® Magnetic Buckle
Nephos™ Comfort Liner with X-Static® Performance Fabric
Legacy Ear Seals
Legacy ANVIS NVG Quick Release
Carbon Fiber Dual Visor Cover
24 AWG Braided Communication Cord
Paraclete ShockLiner
Crushable Ear Cups
300 OHM Earphones/Speakers
M7 Electret Microphone
Twin-Rail Mic Boom

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in