Carbon Fiber SPH Dual Visor Cover

This stylish and lightweight visor cover is designed for the Phoenix Helicopter Helmet. The visor cover does not include ANVIS NVG Quick Release or paint. Those options are available on other models found in the store.


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Our Carbon Fiber Dual Visor Cover protects both visor lenses when they are housed within the unit. Paraclete’s visor cover is aggressively styled along the center crest down to the mounting area for an ANVIS Quick Release NVG Mounting Plate. The visor lock slides within the left or right slots to raise and lower the outer visor lens. The Dual Visor Cover accepts the inner lens actuator on either side for left or right handed use. The carbon fiber material was chosen for its light weight while maintaining its strength.

Dual Visor Assembly which includes hardware, tracks, visor lock, inner actuator and lens are sold separately or as a package.

Our Carbon Fiber SPH Dual Visor Cover fits our Aegis™ Helicopter Helmet as well as the SPH-4B® or SPH-5® model helmets.


Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in