Paraclete is an aviation helmet manufacturer as such we produce our own parts and provide maintenance services to our own helmets. Many of the parts that we produce can be used in SPH style helmets.

It is common for our customers that already have a fleet of helmets to upgrade the safety and capabilities of their current protective equipment. Usually, they will use the Aegis or Aspida™ for new or replacement helmets. To reduce the expense of modernizing their helmets they will utilize our refurbishment service. At this time, they will adopt the integration of our Kairos™ retention system, ear cups, ear seals, and Nephos™ Comfort Liners.

If the customer wants to conduct maintenance internally, we offer certified training class options. The classes are offered as a per person or class service.

To find out more information on a specific service follow the links to inspections, refurbishing, or alse training. Reach out directly at 931.274-7947 or Contact Us.