About Paraclete Aviation Life Support™

At Paraclete, we believe that those who fly deserve the best in safety and comfort using innovative
technologies. Our mission is to assist people in achieving this through our products and services with
exceptional customer service. We are a United States manufacturer of helicopter and aviation helmets
that provides ancillary products, training, and maintenance services.


Born in Clarksville, Tennessee outside the historic 101 st Airborne Division and 160 th Special Operation
Aviation Regiment (SOAR) of Fort Campbell, KY. These organizations have a pedigree in the military
aviation community. Our founder J. Scott Hedges is a 27-year veteran of the US Army, retiring as CW5,
MH-47E Pilot in June of 2011. Serving close to fifteen years with SOAR. In 2007 he became the Regiment
Aviation Life Support Officer responsible for the development of life support items not generally found
in the regular Army. Of note, his shop was responsible for the testing and acceptance of a new comfort
liner and testing commercially available helmets at the United States Army Aeromedical Research
Laboratory (USAARL). During his time testing and interacting with USAARL staff, he developed his
passion to improve safety, comfort, and design of aviation helmets.
He took that passion and started Paraclete with his wife, Mary, and skilled team. Scott is the leader with
a focus on product development. Anthony Economos, VP, oversees operations, procurement, and
technology. Industry veteran Randy Dale heads production. Together they continued serving the
industry the Phoenix helicopter helmet.
The team continued to grow to bring in highly skilled members with backgrounds in ALSE, marketing,
textiles, paint, and engineering. Many of whom our military veterans.


Paraclete quickly became the educational leader in helmet safety. The industry communication turned
the focus to safety and testing. We began the development of what would become the Kairos™ dial
retention assembly and the Aspida™ helicopter helmet.
The Aspida™ was a generational leap forward in fit and comfort. Integration with the Kairos™ solved
problems with fitment and stability during night vision operations. The unique carbon fiber composite
provided lighter weight and improved impact protection.
In late 2018 to provide the world’s largest helicopter EMS operator an improved Phoenix helmet. We
introduced the Aegis™ helicopter helmet and shortly thereafter discontinued the Phoenix.
The Aspida™ and Aegis™ greatly increased Paraclete’s market share of the HEMS industry.
Innovation continues with the introduction of our new visor lenses with Near Arc® technologies,
Paraclete Lo to Hi switches, and our version of the Lightspeed Aviation H-Mod Active Noise Reduction


Over the last part of the decade, we have expanded operations and distribution. We are now the only
other ISO 9001:2015 certified aviation helmet manufacturer in the United States.
We secured representatives and/or support centers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, and the
United States. Check out our distribution and dealers page to find who is close to you or if you are
interested in becoming a representative.
In 2020 we introduced versions of our Aegis™ and Aspida™ certified to the DOI/USFS Aviation Helmet
We are continuing to thrust forward as we have more representatives coming online and product
development in the works. Follow our story in the News and Events section and be sure to check into
the Education page to learn answers to the industries burning questions.

Thank you to everyone involved in our shared story.