We offer refurbishment services for our helmets as well as all SPH style helmets. During the refurbishing process, we return your helmets to a “like new” condition. If your maintenance program includes annual inspection, we recommend continuing the program and refinish the helmet as needed. If it has been many years since the helmet has been inspected by a certified technician we recommend refurbishing the helmet.

Refurbing your aviation helmets include:

  • Removing All the Parts to the Shell
  • Visually Inspect the Shell and Parts
  • Test the Electronics with Testing Equipment
  • Ensure Proper Operation of all Moving Components
  • Visually Inspect Visor Lens for Scratches and Optical Clarity
  • Visually Inspect all Soft Goods for Non-Hygienic Circumstances
  • Refinish the Shell and Visor Cover
  • Write and Send an Estimate of their Recommendations
  • Reassembly the Helmet with Previous and New Parts

We utilize a 6 step finishing process

  • Sanding the Shell and Visor Cover
  • Prime the Surface
  • Wet Sanding the Shell and Visor Cover
  • Apply the Base Coat
  • Apply Clear Coat
  • Buff and Polish

Upon approval of the quote, we will reinstall any reusable parts and replace any non-reusable parts with new parts as needed. All helmets that we inspect or refurbish will receive a new Paraclete ShockLiner. Over time normal usage and general handling of the helmet can and will compact the liner to the detriment of the helmet. For this reason, we request that all refurbishments and inspections replace the shock liner every 12 months. Contact us if you have questions or want to schedule your helmets for an estimate on refurbishment.