Innovation from Paraclete

Kairos™ Retention Assembly

A proprietary retention system standard in all Paraclete helmets. The assembly closes the nape and earcups around the user’s head. This provides exemplary comfort and fit especially with the use of night-vision goggles.

Fidlock® Magnetic Clasp

The Fidlock® was introduced to aviation helmets by Paraclete. The magnetic clasp makes for easy-to-use donning and doffing. The user is more likely to wear the helmet safely with this clasp because it repeatedly secures in the chin strap in a consistent position. The clasp is a part of what makes the Kairos™ so good.

Dial System

A Boa® Closure System is integrated into the nape of the Kairos™ retention assembly. The dial allows for incremental tighten or loosen. All the tension can be released by pulling the dial away from the nape. The dial has a ratcheting sound and feel. But that is because we humans like feedback when things are turning. The mechanics of the system is more akin to a fishing reel. The benefit is there are no teeth to slip. Instead of plastic fishing line, the lace is made from aircraft-grade stainless steel. Altogether the Boa provides the control to dial in your comfort and fit.

Carbon Composite Shell

A combination of fibers unique to Paraclete’s Aspida helmet family delivers the strength of carbon fiber with a shock diffusing core. The shell construction provides lightweight and industry-leading impact protection.

Fiberglass Composite Shell

A combination of fibers unique to Paraclete’s Aegis helmet provides safe budget-friendly protection with a shock diffusing core.

Paraclete Visors with NearArc® Technology

All our helmets come standard with Paraclete visors. NearArc® Technology in aviation helmets is unique to us. We derived the tech from hockey goalie masks. The lenses are designed to the higher-spec of MIL-DTL-43511D than those of the current military helmets. The lenses are near zero power and optically clear.

Lightspeed ANR for Helmets, Paraclete Version

When seeking approval to install Lightspeed ANR into our helmets we developed a braided version of this product. We added more utility by incorporating a strain relief into the braid. Providing additional value to the industry leader in active noise reduction for aviation helmets. The Lightspeed ANR is the only premium Active Noise Reduction solution that is supported by the manufacture.

Nephos™ Comfort Liner

Comfort is a pillar of Paraclete’s promise to the aviation community. We knew we could do better than something close to bubble wrap with a thin layer of foam. The Nephos™ has X-Static® performance fabric next-to-skin. The core is open-cell memory foam and the interior textile is Veltex®. The materials in the construction of the liner are premium and brand name to ensure the comfort of the user.

X-Static® Performance Fabric

A leader in antimicrobial fabric technology, X-Static material is clinically proven to provide bacteria and odor protection. The individual thread is coated with 99.9% pure silver before the performance textile is constructed. It will not wash out as spray-on coatings may, lasting throughout the life of the liner.

TRUC™ Ear Seals

These premium ear seals are truly comfortable. Structured with faux leather wall and backing with X-Static on the interior next to the skin.

Paraclete Ear Cups

Crushable ear cups have long been known to improve the impact protection of aviation helmets around the ear dome. Paraclete’s ear cups are uniquely designed with modern materials to take it to another level.

Braided Communication Cord and Microphone Cable

Our communications cord is made thicker with lower gauge cable. Both the down lead and mic cable are braided on the Aspida™ model to provide a more robust protected cable.

Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA)


We have the only independent Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the United States Army Aeromedical Research Laboratories (USAARL) that is used for developing civilian aviation helmets. The research from the program directs our product development and innovative solutions.

3rd Party Impact Testing and ISO Certification

Innovation does not always show its face in products we can wear and see. Sometimes its leaders that communicate a difference in process. Paraclete since the beginning has used independent third-party testing. As we communicated our process, we saw our competitors following suit. This is better for the community and our industry for that we are proud.

The improvement of the process continued with securing the ISO 9001:2015 certification. Again, we saw long-standing competitors work to follow our path of certification.

We will continue to lead, innovate, and communicate with the aviation community to progress the safety and comfort of those that fly.